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Unique venues, pulsating musical rhythms, mouth-watering culinary experiences -  in our region, you can find everything yourselg in culture and entertainment throughout the year. 

Plan your trip, come with your friends, and together discover the magic of the festivals in the surrounding area!

Join in on the unforgettable experiences in Harkány, Siklós, or Villány!


Harkány Bath Festival

The Harkány Bath Festival, the largest bath in Hungary's Mediterranean region, will be held again from August 23rd to 25th, 2024. Diverse musical delights await the guests.


Siklós Castle Festival

One of the most outstanding events at Siklós Castle is the Siklós Castle Festival. In 2024, the Middle Ages will come to life again, with knightly tournaments, spectacular processions, duels, troubadours, and battle scenes awaiting the curious.


Villány Rosé Festival

The Villány Rosé Festival takes every year on the second weekend of July, attracting thousands of visitors. The festival offers various concerts and a wide range of culinary experiences.


Ördögkatlan Festival 

For the 17th time, the five-day Ördögkatlan Festival will take place in Southern Baranya. This event, focusing on artictic quality, is a multidisciplinary community event.


Villány Red Wine Festival 

The Villány Red Wine Festival is held every year on the first weekend of October, making it the largest gastronomic festival in the Villány wine region. Over three days, concerts, traditional demonstrations, and harvest parades await visitors from wine cellars to event venues. 

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