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Ördögkatlan Festival

The Ördögkatlan Festival takes place for the 17th time this year in South Baranya, spanning five days. With a focus on artistic quality, this event is an interdisciplinary community gathering. 

The five-day Ördögkatlan Festival unfolds in several small villages and towns, including Kisharsány, Nagyharsány, Palkonya, Beremend, and Villány, with art and culture at its core. Each location offers unique cultural values. The program includes theatrical performances, concerts, literary events, art exhibitions, and other cultural activities. Local restaurants also participate, offering visitors local flavors and handmade products.



We recommend it to anyone who loves art and culture, those who want to be part of an incomparable rural festival, and those who enjoy immersing themselves in the atmosphere of a festival.


You can find information about ticket prices on the festival's website:


In 2024, the event will take place from July 30th to August 3rd.

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