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Buffet breakfast



The most important meal of the day is breakfast, and we at Hotel Arborétum pay special attention to ensuring that our guests can enjoy a rich and varied breakfast offer. Our breakfast is made from fresh ingredients so that you always get the best.

Our offer includes delicacies divided into six categories, so everyone can find their favorite. Discover the diversity of our hot dishes, cold dishes, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, muesli and baked goods, as well as our drinks!

Hot dishes

Our offer includes freshly prepared hot dishes, such as crispy bacon, locally baked lecsó, grilled sausage and hot dogs, but the guests' favorite is also the soft scrambled eggs.

Vegetables and fruits

We await our guests with a selection of fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. Fruits are also included in the offer, such as apples and oranges, but various seasonal fruits are also part of the offer.

Cereals and pastries

A variety of muesli and cereal await guests who like this type of breakfast, with fresh milk and two types of yogurt available. We offer a wide selection of baked goods, whether it's crispy croissants, fresh bread, baguettes or pastries.

Cold dish selection

You can choose from various cold meats and cheeses among our cold dishes. Our guests can prepare delicious sandwiches from our selection.

Dairy products

Our dairy products include butter, natural and fruit yogurt, fresh milk, and various types of cheese. We also treat our guests to cream cheese, which is an excellent addition to their breakfast.


Our breakfast drinks include juices, various teas and coffee. In addition, hot chocolate awaits the children.

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