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Basilica of Máriagyűd

Máriagyűd is a significant religious and cultural center in Baranya County, where believers and pilgrims frequently visit due to the presence of the Mary Statue and the place of pilgrimage. 

The history of the Basilica of Máriagyűd is closely linked to religious traditions and the development of Mary worship. The place is also famous for its statue of Mary, dating back to the 17th century. Traditionally, the place of pilgrimage hosts pilgrimages several times a year. The Basilica of Máriagyűd is an important location for believers seeking prayer and spiritual renewal.



We recommend it to anyone looking for a place suitable for prayer and spiritual contemplation, as well as to those who enjoy history and are interested in traditions.


Visiting the Basilica of Máriagyűd is free of charge. For additional services (e.g., guided tours, audio guides), please visit:


For the opening hours of the Mariagyűd Pilgrimage Site, Mass schedule, and further information, visit:

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