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Harkány Thermal Spa and Open-Air Bath

The beneficial effects of the Harkány thermal water lie in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and rheumatic diseases, but the entire family is guaranteed to find the most enjoyable leisure activities.

Discover a new dimension of healing, relaxation, and active entertainment at the Harkány Thermal Spa and Open-Air Bath! Immerse yourself in the harmony of relaxation and leisure in the pools, slides, and sunshine awaiting you at the baths. Experience family-friendly adventures and a child-friendly environment, ensuring everyone finds their preferred entertainment. Enjoy a wide range of medical treatments and wellness services that pamper both your body and soul.



We recommend it to anyone who loves summer swimming and enjoys the healing power of Harkány water, as well as those who would like to enjoy Mediterranean sunshine in the outdoor thermal pool even in cooler weather.


For ticket prices, visit the thermal spa and open-air bath website: Harkány Thermal Spa, Harkány Open-Air Bath:


For the bath's opening hours and accessibility, visit their website:

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